Buyer Questions

Can anyone attend an auction?

Yes, all our auctions are open to the public.

What is a Buyer’s Premium?

A Buyer’s Premium is a percentage of the high bid that is added to the high bid to establish the final sale price.

This is my first auction, how do I bid?

You must register at the registration office before bidding.  To register you need to possess a valid State issued photo identification.  Once we collect the information for registration, we will provide you with a bidder number.  You are responsible for that bidder number.

Why are auctions so popular?

The excitement of competitive bidding along with the thrill of the hunt create a buying and selling environment unlike any other.

If I am the winning bidder when does merchandise need to be removed?

As a winning bidder that merchandise becomes your property and you assume responsibility for it.  We advise that all merchandise is removed at the conclusion of the sale but allow five days for merchandise removal.  If merchandise is not removed in the allotted time frame a storage fee will be applied.

Can I preview items?

Yes, our preview time is the day before a sale from 10am-5pm

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, approved check and credit/debit cards. There is no additional fee for processing credit/debit cards.

What does “As Is, Where Is” mean?

This means you are buying the property exactly how you see it. We encourage all buyers to preview and inspect all merchandise before bidding.

How long does an auction last?

On average our sales run approximately four hours long.

Seller Questions

What do you charge for commission?

Our average commission falls at 25%, that may vary depending on quantity and quality of consignments. Always call to discuss your merchandise so we can give you an accurate quote.

How long does it take to get paid for the items I sold at auction?

Our bookwork is processed, and we are ready to settle within 10 days after the auction.

Who handles the advertising?

We handle all the advertising from start to finish. Our typical advertising consists of advertising on our website, social media pages, direct mail flyers and other various forms.

How far in advance should I plan my onsite auction?

We recommend eight weeks in advance to set up, advertise and market your items properly. The more time we have for advertising to better the results of the sale.

Can I throw items away before meeting with the auction company?

Please do not throw away any items before meeting with us. We have seen too many times in the past, good auction items be thrown away. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Do you accept consignments?

Our entire business revolves around consignments. We are always accepting new consignors. Whether it’s one item or a whole estate, we want to hear from you!

Do you pick up merchandise?

Yes, we do offer merchandise pickups at an additional fee. The fee is determined on number of employees needed, location from our facility and time of the job. Call to receive an accurate quote.

What do you sell?

We like to say anything and everything! Over the years our merchandise has ranged from a box lot to heavy machinery. We try to provide a well-rounded collection of items at each of our sales. Our goal is to have a little bit of everything to appeal to a wide range of buyers.


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We accept:

We accept cash, approved check and credit/debit cards.  There is no additional fee for processing credit/debit cards.
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